Finally available on my Etsy

Now you can wear a little bit of Baker Street! 

This cotton/poly, scoop-neck t-shirt is hand screen-printed with the repeat pattern known and loved by Sherlockians everywhere. The shirt is Target’s Mossimo brand (which means you can totally go try one on to find the best size) and the image is printed with black ink onto a white shirt. The printing covers the entire FRONT of the shirt, including the sleeves- the back of the shirt is solid white. Shirts will be pre-washed before they ship! 

**Disclaimer! Because hand screen-printing a repeat pattern onto an already made object can be a complicated endeavor, each shirt might look a tiny bit different. The artist’s touch!

I’m also completely willing to do custom sizes, colors or styles- please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you’re interested in ordering off the menu!

I’ve also got a men’s listing coming soon!

fiberistanora etsy 221b 221b wallpaper sherlock wallpaper sherlock bbc sherlock t-shirts the faster you buy these the sooner I can register for 221bcon

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