Some of you may have noticed that I’m completely totally a little obsessed with this pattern. So when Curly from the Baker Street Babes emailed me about printing fabric for a skirt for her to wear to 221b con, I jumped at the opportunity! 

Screen printing a pattern like this is a complicated process, but luckily for me, I’d already worked out a lot of the kinks when printing my own 221b wallpaper t-shirt. First, the image has to be prepared on a computer so that, when printing next to and below/above itself, the pattern interlocks. Then the pattern is burned into the exact center of the screen. Once the fabric is pinned to the table, I use a giant t-square to set up a mobile vertical registration axis. The stationary horizontal axis is placed on directly onto the table via masking tape (my favorite of the tapes. Sorry, duct tape, you’ve been demoted.) By measuring the height/width of my repeat I can plan out my entire grid using the t-square and the tape on the table. When printing, I jump around the invisible grid, printing as many times as possible without overlapping wet prints.

OKAY that probably sounds crazy and is way more information than anybody wants. But I TEACH this so that’s basically the least info I’m capable of giving! SORRY. Screen printing is awesome! If you’re interested in learning more about it, check out classes at a local arts center like the one I teach at here in Chicago, Lillstreet Arts Center.

I shipped the fabric off to Christine, Seamstress of Amazingness, and she turned it into skirts for herself and Curly! MAGIC! I can’t wait to see it IRL at 221bcon IN LIKE A WEEK AND A HALF! 

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