After suffering every screen burning problem known to printmakers, I am finally  done with this Sherlock Skull print for the Baker Street Babe’s upcoming charity auction. (And by “upcoming” I mean “imminent” and by “imminent” I mean Thursday. Cutting it a little close, I know- but did I mention I had ALL THE PROBLEMS?!) In the end it took all of 24 minutes to print the second layer but yeesh.

I’m happy with how it turned out, though! I’ve got a bunch of extra and test prints- get in touch if you’re interested in purchasing one. I’m also thinking about printing some repeat fabric yardage… I know of at least one Sherlock quilt coming together out there…


the art is by the amazing and talented Lucy Knisley! And screenprinting by yours truly.


 Lucy and I joined up as an art-making team when we first shared a studio space in Chicago (The Burrow Studio), combining our professional art talents to create a panoply of fan and nonfan prints and posters. We’ve been Sherlock fans for YEARS and are soo excited that such an amazing community of intelligent, creative and artistic fans have gathered around the show!

HUZZAH! Thanks for liking our work!

Baker Street Babes Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Sherlock screenprinting skulls lucy knisley

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