I don’t know if you guys have figured this out about me yet but let me tell you: I am TERRIBLE with computers. Which has always been frustrating considering how much my studio work has relied on and benefited from programs like photoshop, illustrator and indesign. (A repeated litany of thank-yous to those who have helped me over the years: fifthdayprairie, beckkramer, lucyknisley and many more.) So I’ve signed up for a First Time Photoshop class at Lillstreet Art Center and BOW HOWDY AM I GLAD I DID: check out this repeat I made using one of my drawings from last year’s Botanical Illustration class!! 

Squeeeeeeeee it’s like having magic powers. Mwahahahaha.

shut up nora i am way too pleased with myself about this photoshop botanical illustration kale repeat pattern green